Our Responsibility commitment

At Nordic Breakfast, we are committed to our core mission of improving people’s diets by replacing unhealthy snacks with nutritious options in line with the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization. Our snacks are crafted responsibly, using Nordic sustainably sourced ingredients.

Our commitment to responsible action comes to life through our value chain.

The berries we use are handpicked from the Nordic wilderness. Social responsibility related to berry pickers working conditions is the most material sustainability topic for us.

In recent years several labor misuse cases have been revealed in terms of minimum wage and working conditions of berry pickers. We want to make sure that the berries we use are sourced responsibly. We work continuously in dialogue with our berry supplying partners to ensure the rights and equal treatment of their employees, adhering to labor laws, and providing comprehensive training for all workers. 

We have the right to audit the conditions and treatment of workers at any time.

Our primary ingredient, oats are sourced from the Finland’s northernmost region, where they predominantly grow in the harsh environment without additional irrigation. Naturally gluten-free oats are processed at a mill that is exclusively processing pure oats – purity is the key feature of the entire production chain to minimize gluten exposure. The modern mill minimizes energy consumption, and no part of the oat goes to waste. Everything that does not end up on people’s plates will be used as fodder and everything that is not used as fodder will be used as a source of energy at the mill or for district heating for the residents of the town.

As a sweetener we use xylitol, a Finnish innovation with the same taste and appearance as s sugar but with 40% fewer calories. Xylitol is sustainably and innovatively made from mill’s side stream oat hull.

Our products are blended and packaged in a Danish owned modern factory in Poland, where production processes are mainly driven by electricity and therefore scope 1 emissions are very low, and waste and by-products are minimized. Packaging materials are sourced locally to reduce emissions associated with logistics. Our packaging is made of recyclable liquid packaging board with a food-grade polyethylene coating. The lid and cup are made of cardboard, with a plastic film on top to protect the product and extend its shelf life. We are continuously exploring opportunities to transition to fully bio-based packaging in the future.

From a sustainability perspective, product shelf life and on-demand production are essential. This approach minimizes waste and eliminates the need for excessive storage. We prioritize freshness and efficiency in our production processes to ensure that every product delivered to our customers meets our high standards.

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Nordic Breakfast

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