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Quick and healthy breakfast option
for home or on the go

This quick snack is made way up in the most Northern part of Europe with local ingredients. We use oats from the most Northern oat fields worldwide. Our wild berries are picked in the Finnish Saimaa region. Nordic Breakfast Porridge is glutenfree, sugerfree and vegan. For sweetness, we use only xylitol which is made from birch bark and at the same time is good for your teeth.

Nordic Breakfast Porridge comes in two flavors:
Lingonberry and Blueberry

Schneller Fröhlicher Haferbrei

Wild berries – gently dried

The berries in our oatmeal are not cultivated but grow wild in the Finnish forests. They are therefore free from pesticides and any influences. To preserve the flavor and valuable ingredients, our berries are gently freeze-dried. In the process, the water is removed from them, important ingredients and the structure of the fruit are preserved.


Unique packaging
for sky-high indulgence

We are on a mission to put Nordic Breakfast on it’s rightful place right next to it’s French and English cousins. Porridge and the berries are in the core of Nordic Breakfast. That is why our first product is instant porridge with oats and lingonberries. It’s a tasty and healthy quick fix for busy mornings.

Nordic Diet

World Health Organization WHO is recommending Nordic diet next to Mediterranean diet – more white fish, fibers and wild berries – to fight obesity and bad health.

For suppliers

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Where to buy Nordic Breakfast products?

Would you like to see our products in your corner shop or café? We are looking for distributors in different markets.

Once upon a time far

far in the North…

Happy Billbery Oat Porridge

Our Mission

We believe that Nordic life and the sources of our happiness should be shared with the world. We curate the best Nordic food ingredients and make them available to you. Why not discover and taste what Nordics has to offer!

– Founders of Nordic Breakfast

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