12x Nordic Breakfast Lingonberry Porridge


Why Nordic Breakfast?

Natural – only 3-4 ingredients
Gluten-free – naturally gluten free oats
Healthy – high in fibre & protein, low in sugar
Tasty – rich & sweet, acidity from the berries Instant – only hot water, ready in 3 minutes
Affordable – hot meal for little money
On-the-go – sustainable recyclable cardboard cup
Socially responsible – berries from audited companies

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What’s in our porridge?

We believe that good products should contain as few high-quality, natural ingredients as possible.
That’s why our quick, happy porridge has just four ingredients: gluten-free rolled oats, wild lingonberries (vaccinium vitas-idaea), sweetener (oat xylitol) and salt.


Nutritional values

Per 100 g
Energy 1475 kJ / 353 kcal
Fat 6,1 g
  of which saturated 1 g
Carbohydrate 62 g
  of which sugar 2,8 g
Fibre 10,5 g
Protein 11,2 g
Salt 1 g

Additional information

Weight 1,055 kg
Dimensions 29 × 20 × 19,5 cm


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